Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – Senior Staff Writer Ryan Hasman

(FOX NEWS) – After HBO announced the early termination of The Rock’s contract for the popular television series, Ballers, The Rock held a press conference to tell his side of the story.

Dwayne Johnson, the 45 year-old superstar wrestler-turned-actor, claims that he did nothing wrong, and that the network’s new PED testing policy still has some major issues to resolve. The Rock stated that “it was all a big misunderstanding” after HBO president, Michael Lombardo, confirmed earlier this year that the substance would not be covered by the network’s injury insurance for actors.

HBO started a probe earlier this year into what regimens and supplements professional actors were using that were getting them so fit for the big screen in the short time between movies.

Dwayne assured the media that he doesn’t take any illegal drugs, and that his routine consists entirely of perfectly legal supplements that all leading actors are taking when they need to quickly get into shape for a role.

Shortly after his announcement, we were able to get an interview with the man himself to find out more on his response to the studio’s allegations.

As shocking as this story is, there’s more…

The Rock is in great shape, both physically and mentally. While many assumed he achieved his size and strength performance due to traditional training methods and supplements, there is apparently more than meets the eye. He admitted to taking a particular supplement when he needs to quickly get into shape before starting a new role.

Before you judge, this is 100% natural” Johnson defended.

When we asked if he thought taking the supplement was dishonest and misleading, Dwayne laughed.

“First of all everyone is using this, I mean everybody, not just actors in Hollywood but in all the major sports out there. It’s completely fine, because its not illegal and contains no drugs. This is the real deal. The ultimate performance enhancer.” said a grinning Johnson. “Whether you’re an actor or not, any man of any age can absolutely without a doubt benefit from using taking this daily.”

“I feel great, I am in the best shape of my life, and my mind is clearer than ever. I’ve never been able lift so much and my energy levels are incredible, I feel like superman!”, he laughed.

The popular supplement designed to burn fat, pack on muscle, skyrocket energy and stamina is called DSN Code Black It is a common product taken by many athletes, but it is under consideration of being banned by all major league sports organizations for two reasons:

1. This supplement has been proven to boost muscle growth rate by an average of a 150%! This would make an athlete like Dwayne Johnson stronger than “any athlete in any sport”.

2. These supplements don’t have to be used in conjunction with a gym. Users experience massive muscle growth and fat loss without lifting a single weight. Many athletic commissions across the globe consider this natural trick to be a “cheat” as it requires hardly any effort on the user’s part.

After Dwayne Johnson’s statement about DSN Code Black went viral , Fox News received thousands of emails from our readers. In an attempt to answer our reader’s questions and to discover just how much DSN Code Black has benefited Dwayne Johnson we decided to test it ourselves in an exclusive Fox News case study.

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